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This month's top products:
UTP placenta products
UTP La Precia
Various Cosmetic products and beauty products by Purasesu Phamercuticals Co., Ltd

  Placenta Capsules MD
contains high density placenta extract

Hyrone Due 100
  100% undiluted hyaluronic acid for beauty

Placenta Due 100
100% placenta extract liquid cosmetics

VX30 Supple
  12,000 mg of concentrated placenta extract in each bottle

Placenta extract
100% pure liquid placenta extract

Due White Mask
A facial mask saturated with Hyaluronic acid and placenta extract

Sun Cut 27 Suntan Lotion
SPF 27 placenta extract suntan lotion

La Precia Lotion
Placenta extract combination

La Precia Cleansing oil
Placenta combination

La Precia cleansing foam
Uses a mix of healthy minerals used in renowned European beauty salons

La Precia Cream
Placenta extract combonation

  La Precia VC-10 (vitamin C 10%)
  High density derivative of vitamin C when added to the placenta extract creates a synergy that is excellent for iontophoresis

Water-soluble foundation
Placenta extract combination

  Powder Foundation
Ultraviolet rays are not able to penetrate this micro particled foundation

  La Precia 4 Points Cosmetic kit
One pack

Pheromone Body
For maintaining the skins smoothness and elasticity

  Pheromone Body Face Soap
  Three 100g bars of soap

Excellent Beauty Treatment Massage Soap

Placenta FAQ

 The following questions and answers abstracts have been taken from the UTP homepage and re-posted here. Please feel free to read through the following Q&A as it may answer some questions that you may have. Dr. Yoshida of the Yoshida Clinic who advertizes with UTP is the person responding (original text in Japanese) to this Q&A.

Q: What is Placenta?
A "Purasenta" means placenta in English. The placenta is invaluable for the development of the fetus. In roughly a 10 month time, the placenta allows the human fetus to grow to an average of 3 kilograms by storing various nutrients and bioactive substances. The placenta promotes growth in the human fetus not only by supplying nourishment, but also by acting as an immunity defense system. The Placenta extract harnesses the versatility of the placenta by utilizing its ability to store and save nutrients and bioactive substances.

Q: Was the placenta used for medicine in ancient times?
The medical use of the placenta has a long history dating back to Hippocrates during the 4th century B.C. In addition, it has been recorded that the placenta was used to rejuvinate and revitalize the mother after giving birth in china about 4,000 years ago. In Japan, the placenta was used in an elixir to make one of the three most effective medicines (used by Kaga?). Today, the placenta is used in medical and pharmaceutical treatments as well as for cosmetics and health food for everyday life.

Q: Is the placenta safe?
UTP uses extracts from the domesticated pig placenta to make cosmetics and health food.

The domesticated pigs are hand picked from farms and screeened very carefully.

These domesticated pigs are only chosen from farms that are clean enough to pass the government regulations required to breed pigs for meat.

Also, we confirm that they have several veterinarians constantly checking the domesticated pigs health to make sure that epidemics will not break out thereby ensuring that the pigs are of very high quality.

The domesticated pigs that are chosen are guaranteed to not have suffered from a serious illness.

The placenta that is removed from these pigs is vouched for by a veterinarian and strictly adheres to federal regulations stating that the pig is of perfect health.

At the same time, the placentas are awarded an American export certificate and a Japanese import quarantine certificate which are published when exported. These certificates are necessary to continue regular import and export procedures and to verify that the placentas are 100% safe during the quarantine inspection.

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (mad cow disease) does not infect pigs.

The process to remove the extract from the placenta requires specific heat treatments.

Q: How can the placenta make me beautiful?
The placenta contains collagen which in itself contains amino acids that are not inserted into the body directly by ribosomes. The collagen is responsible for skin elasticity. The wrinkles that people get due to the aging process is from a lack of collagen in their bodies. Hyaluronic acid is also found within the placenta. Hyaluronic acid is the fluid between the joints within our bodies. A lack of this acid can lead to Osteoarthritis and inflamed or swollen joints. Our placenta extract does not include malanin which is the main ingredient in skin pigmentation, so our product not only moistens and revitalizes the skin but whitens it at the same time.

Q: Will Placenta have positive effects on my health as well?
The most renouned characteristic of the placenta is its ability to increase a persons natural health. With the abundant nourishment and bioactive ingredients that a placenta contains, it has the ability to offer many beneficial effects to a person. The placenta promotes cell activation, improves hormone levels, and facilitates the immune capabilities thus keeping the body healthy by eliminating foreign substances. Additionaly, the placenta suppresses inflamation, is able to restore aged and dying cells and increases the blood flow through the capillaries. The placenta has long been known to be a natural shield that protects the human body from harmful agents. The injection of the placenta extract has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a health insurance applicable treatment for liver disease and menopausal syndrome.

Q: Do all products yield the same effect?
The reputation of using the placenta commercially and cosmetically has been improving over the past few years. Each of our products contain different quantities and types of the placenta extract. Therefore, not all of our products will have the same effect on a person. It would be a good idea to chose your product based on the needs you have.

Regarding expiration date of La Precia products

Q1: What is the expiration date of the La Precia products and how long is the quality maintained?

 There is no designated expiration date on our products label but the following are our suggested guidelines.

Indicative expiration date after opening the package

 After opening, please store our product in a cool dark area away from sunlight when you are not using it. For best results it is a good idea to finish consuming our product in the first three months after you open if. Our product is most effective in the first three months after being opened.

 It is very important too keep our product safe from germs because we only add the smallest amount of propylparaben and methylparaben to act as a preservative and anti-bacterial against germs and molds.

 In caring for our lotion products please keep the cap on the lid at all times when not in use. If germs are able to get into the container then they will have the opportunity to infect the entire bottle and break down and render useless all the beneficial placenta extract within.

 Of course our product is best maintained in the refrigerator. PLEASE NOTE that you should never freeze our product or keep it in the freezer.

Q2: If the product has not been opened, how long will the quality be guaranteed?

  There is no specific time limit upon when our product should be consumed. As long as our product is kept in a cool place away from direct sunlight its quality should last approximately 2 years.

Our product is what the rich and famous use to maintain their health and beauty

 The cell reproduction and promotion function of the placenta is well known to heal dying cells. Our product is different from other common medical products and usually yields better beneficial effects to the body. Our product used as a cosmetic is widely successful and it is even said that the effects of the placenta extract have a positive mental influence. The placenta and the start of new life go hand in hand; it is safe and natural and benefits all parts of the body internally and externally. Please refer to the placenta information boards on the internet for the myriad of reasons why the placenta is a wonderful cosmetic and medical wonder.

What's Placenta?

  Beautification and health related effects of the placenta

A long time ago, the placenta was said to be a miracle because it came into the world with a new life. The placenta has long been thought to be a fountain of youth. It was used habitually in ancient times to improve beauty and health. In recent times these effects are beginning to be more and more understood and we are starting to realize that there is still much more to learn from the placenta and the effects it has on the body.

  Safety and quality of the placenta

UTP puts great stress on the safety and high quality of our products. The placenta extract comes in many quality grades ranging from low quality to very high quality. UTP only accepts extracts that contain high or extremely high ingredients for our products. At this day in age where the highest quality is of the utmost importance you can rely on UTP to get you the product that you need.

  Where to find more information about the effects of the placenta

The internet has a great wealth of information in regards to the placenta. However, with such a huge number of pages containing information about placentas you may want to refine your search a little bit more to find the answers to the questions that you have. In addition, you may find plenty of information regarding the placenta and the effects it has on the body in most university libraries.

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